SFMOMA – Reopened

It is hard to believe that it has been three years now since the SFMOMA has been closed to allow them to undertake a major new extension and redevelopment. The original SFMOMA opened in 1935, later it built a post-modern building designed by Mario Botta.

San Francisco ART Report ( Jon Rendell ) Guest reviewer originally from Melbourne now from San Francisco

SFMOMA is now one of the largest modern art museums in the world. Following its three-year expansion, the museum has grown to 460,000 square feet. This includes 145,000 feet of interior gallery space, 20,000 feet more than the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the second largest. Previous to its expansion, SFMOMA had approximately 69,000 feet of exhibition space.

Seeking Those Moments of Transition

Today, just as I was finishing the final edit, I read the news of SYLVIA ANDERSON’s death at the age of 88. Sylvia was an intelligent, imaginative woman who had a profound influence on me in my youth and many other inquisitive children. Best known as the voice of Lady Penelope, Sylvia Anderson, along with her late husband Gerry Anderson, was the inspiration behind the much loved, visionary ‘THUNDERBIRDS’.