This Sunday / February 21st
Jack Charles will be acting in his most important role at Coranderrk.

The play Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country will be performed on the site of the former Aboriginal mission, an hour’s drive from Melbourne, for the first time on February 21.

jack-charlesThe unique theatrical performance is supported by Melbourne’s La Mama Theatre. Jack Charles is a brilliant actor and a descendant of the people of Coranderrk. This community convinced a parliamentary inquiry in 1881 that they could run and manage the property themselves, with no white overseer.

Historical Background:
Coranderrk in its past, set up originally as a mission, became a highly profitable farm. However, it was decimated when laws were introduced to force ‘half-castes’ to leave the mission. Coranderrk was handed back to the Wurunderji Land Compensation and Heritage Council in 1998, and recently they secured grants to develop and rebuild the property. The funds raised through this one show only will also act as a fundraiser for this rebuilt community.

Giordano Nanni, wrote this play after he found the transcript of the 1881 Parlamentary inquiry – creating a play that consists entirely of the words spoken at the trial.

“In many ways Coranderrk was the first sustained Aboriginal political movement which sowed the seeds for other struggles, not just in Victoria but across the country,” The quest for equality, dignity, land rights and self-determination were perfectly articulated.” Nanni.

Avec Pleasure will be present at this Historical performance & will be writing a review of this performance event for our next version of the ArtLife +