• Seeking Those Moments of Transition

    Today, just as I was finishing the final edit, I read the news of SYLVIA ANDERSON’s death at the age of 88. Sylvia was an intelligent, imaginative woman who had a profound influence on me in my youth and many other inquisitive children. Best known as the voice of Lady Penelope, Sylvia Anderson, along with her late husband Gerry Anderson, was the inspiration behind the much loved, visionary ‘THUNDERBIRDS’.

  • Finding Your Creative Side Through Art Touring

    We started offering our VIP Avec Pleasure Art Tours in 2009 as a complimentary service to run alongside our Avec Pleasure Art Consultancy services. Initially, we started small, with only one annual tour to HONG KONG, timed to take part in the exciting Hong Kong Art Fair.

  • Melbourne ART News

    With so many exciting art exhibitions in and around Melbourne, it is not possible to cover all in this blog so we will only highlight certain shows that we have been able to visit and choose to highlight by review.

  • DESIGN… plus

    Guest Review by Ms. Katherine Wilkinson. The genesis of this exhibition was a project instigated by London-based Martino Gamper. Collecting discarded and unused chairs he reassembled one chair per day for 100 days.

  • The Arts Show February

    Hope that you will take a moment to listen to my recent radio interview with Alex McCulloch on ‘The Arts Show.’ In this interview, I share the highlights of our recent Avec Pleasure art tours to The Frieze NYC art Fair May 2015, the Venice Biennale September 2015, and our two new Art Tours.

  • Where does the creative life begin

    When we are truly looking out at the life and art practice of an artist, what are we really doing? The answer to that depends so much on personal factors such as… who you are and how you are oriented towards the creative process.

  • TWMA

    The HOWARD ARKLEY (and friends…) Art Exhibition has been brilliantly curated by the director of the TarraWarra Museum of Art. Victoria Lynn and TWMA curator Anthony Fitzpatrick. It is currently showing at TWMA which is located one hour’s drive from central Melbourne in the beautiful wine-growing area of the Yarra Valley.

  • My recent visit to the HOWARD ARKLEY (and friends…)

    My recent visit to the HOWARD ARKLEY (and friends…) exhibition did not disappoint. It was so interesting that I managed to go out for a second look and to be there for their Public Forum: The work of Howard Arkley. The forum included personal observations and life stories by fellow Artists, students and friends of Arkley, as well as curatorial comments by TWMA director Victoria Lynn and Curator of the show Anthony Fitzpatrick .


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