• Conserving The Swimming Pool

    Explore the process of conserving Matisse’s The Swimming Pool, one of the artist’s most beloved cut-out masterpieces and a centerpiece of the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition at MoMA.

  • Adrian Doyle

    Adrian Doyle has helped shape the culture of Melbourne contemporary art through his prolific and prize winning work. Doyle’s artwork is featured in prominent publications and national and international collections.

  • Gosia Wlodarczak

    Gosia Wlodarczak is an Australian artist of Polish origin who has lived and worked in both Perth, WA and now Melbourne. Her artwork examines and documents ‘the phenomenon of existence’ as a tangible body of lines, shapes and colour.

  • Issues of Establishing Provenance

    In some cases such as that of the controversial street Artist, Jean-Michel Basquait, who died tragically in NYC in 1988; in such cases when an Artist has a prolific output of works within a compact, time-frame and further, they created these works outside of the established market and Art Galleries.


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